Hardox Wearparts

Since 2017,  Dodec is business partner with the Swedish company SSAB,  becoming the first HARDOX WearPart in Quebec and the only one in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.


Hardness and resilience,  are characteristics proper to HARDOX steel's .  HARDOX is a worldwide reference in the field and it can be used in structural conception on top if its usual use.  HARDOX steel offers  higher useful load as well as a longer life span. The  Hardox wear plates are available in a variety of thicknesses from de 0.7 mm to 160 mm, combined with different resiliences.


  • HARDOX 400

  • HARDOX 450

  • HARDOX 500

  • HARDOX 550

  • HARDOX 600


STRENX construction steel stands out by its resistance and high performance.  Available in finer dimensions, just as resistant, light and durable.  STRENX has a resistance between 600 and 1300 MPa, and allows to reduce the weight of the structures of 20, 30 and 40 %.

  • STRENX 1300

  • STRENX 1100

  • STRENX 960

  • STRENX 900

  • STRENX 700


Industries Dodec, the only authorized SSAB Toolox steel distributor in Quebec.
Toolox is a mechanical and tool steel with a hardness and tenacity unequalled in the field. Toolox is a ready to use steel since it comes originally hardened and tempered.  Ideal product for applications that need a high pressure surface as well as a high resistance to abrasion.

  • TOOLOX 33

  • TOOLOX 44


Used in extreme abrasion situations, the Duroxite recharged product was developped to be more wear resistant. Duroxite is a abrasion resistant material which is deposited on mild steel or on HARDOX anti-abrasion steel.

  • DUROXITE 100

  • DUROXITE 101

  • DUROXITE 200

  • DUROXITE 201