Dodec specializes in retro-engineering of industrial parts, in a  nearly 70 000 sq.ft. plant.

A constant quality of work is assured  by precision machining equipment and a highly qualified and experienced team committed to detail.

Fabrication and reparation of mechanically welded parts

Fabrication or reparation of  industrial parts according to the plans and specifications of the clients. The engineering department allows Dodec to offer clients a conception service, as well as a reverse engineering service, for an optimization of equipment.

All inclusive projects

In  constant evolution, the continuous training programs allow us to be a leader in machining, welding and industrial mechanic fields.


Fabrication and reparation of mechanically welded parts

All inclusive projects

Mission and values




Maintain its status of leader in the machining and welding field by offering a superior quality product, fabricated by competent professionals, in a safe environment.


Industries Dodec specializes in machining, welding and retro-engineering of equipment. Dodec was founded in 1975 by Mr. Rosaire Bonneau and his associates.  Mr. Bonneau, machinist of formation, started in the field at 16 years old. With his many years of experience in the field of machining and industrial mechanics,  which made Dodec the reference in high precision machining in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

The second generation of Bonneaus, Jean-Luc, Sonia and Marie-Jeanne assure the direction of the family business since the end of the 90's. This generation positioned DODEC on the hydroelectric market. This sector is very important to the business.

The family succession is present, the 3rd generation is progressively making an entry into the business.  Through these generations  the values of the founder continue to evolve at the heart of the company,  insuring its continuity.

Industries Dodec was founded by Mr. Rosaire Bonneau and 4 partners. Specialized in machining and welding, Dodec was at that time,  centered in the pulp and paper sector.  Dodec was the first company to establish in the new Industrial park du Haut-Saguenay.
Industries Dodec  moved to its present location in the Park Industrial du Haut-Saguenay.
1st  expansion :
Addition of 7 500 square feet for the welding department.
Dodec's management is now assured by the Bonneau second generation : Jean-Luc, Sylvie, Sonia and Marie-Jeanne.
2nd  expansion :
Addition of 8 000 square feet for the machining department.
Dodec made its debut in the hydro-electric field by supplying equipment parts  during the refection of the Beauharnois Dam.
Acquisition of a  5 axes Correa numerical portal boring machine.  Dodec  becomes the only enterprise in Quebec to own machining equipment from this Spanish giant.
Dodec buys a 5 axes BF-130 Toshiba numerical boring machine and becomes the only  enterprise in Quebec to offer the advantages of this  machining technology to its clients.
3rd expansion :
Addition of 5 000 sq. ft. for the welding department.
Fabrication of a 900 ton lifting beam for the construction the project of Trois Gorges Dam in China.  The lifting beam  allows the manipulation of turbines of the world's biggest hydro-electric central.
4th  expansion:
Addition of 20 000 sq. ft. for the machining and welding and   departments.  Dodec now occupies a total space of 50 000 sq. ft.
Dodec is the first Quebec business to acquire the German DMG125FD machine, a 5 axes machining center combining milling technology and turning technology.  Still today, in Quebec, Dodec is one of the only companies to own this kind of machining center.
Dodec obtains a General Contractor's  licence RBQ.
Obtention of the contract as project manager for the spillway construction of the Romaine 4 Dam, in Quebec.
Obtention of the HARDOX WEARPARTS certification, the only one in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.  The first in Quebec.
Dodec is certified repairer of SUMITOMO reducers.
Certified repairer FLSMIDTH.
Expansion of services offered by Industries Dodec with the creation  of mobile technical units to conduct on site work, by our qualified professionals.
5th expansion:
addition of 20 000 square feet  for mechanical mounting.  For a total of nearly 70 000 square feet.
Sole official distributor of the Toolox engineering steel in Quebec.


Advantages of choosing Industries Dodec :  The quality of the products offered.  Our attention to detail, the meticulous respect of the tolerances and the competence of our  employees are the most important elements for Dodec.


When machining, enhanced quality  always  assures the respect of the tolerances required by our clients. Our level of accuracy goes up to 0.001mm (0.00004 inches).

Fabrication  by unit or series,  simple or complex parts, our team  makes sure they reach the highest standards of meticulousness.

Emergency service 24h/24

24H/24 Emergency service.  We offer our clients  an emergency service accessible at all times. We make every effort to re-establish  our clients production equipment  in the shortest delay possible.

Client formation

Workshops on Hardox, StrenX, Duroxite and Toolox products are offered to our clients,  to improve equipment life span.


The diversification  of our machine-tools answer to  the growing demand in the machining field. The up to date machining equipment are at the cutting edge of technology.

All the equipment allow our qualified machinists, mechanics and welders  to deliver compliant products within the promised deadlines.


In addition to the procedures done at the plant, fabrication and reparation of industrial parts, Industries Dodec takes the greatest importance in the quality of the client service. Client contact , the comprehension of the needs and the reality of their market are key elements that contribute  in offering a distinguished service.

Mobile technical unit

The mobile technical unit allows on site mechanical work.  Work like; servicing, maintenance, reparation and installation of products are done by qualified professionals. On site work is always  submitted to the same high level of quality offered by Dodec Industries.


Dodec's many accreditations are a pledge of production quality.

  • ISO 9001-2015

  • Accredited  Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

    CSA W47.1 division 1
    CSA W47.2 division 1
    W178.2 Welding Inspector level 1,2

  • ONGC (Non destructive trials)

    Magnetic particle testing, level 2
    Penetrant testing, level 2
    Ultrasound, level 2

  • Accredited Régie du bâtiment du Québec,  Under pressure division

    ASME B31.1
    ASME B31.3
    ASME section VIII division 1
    CSA B51-03

  • Certified repairer Sumitomo

  • Certified repairer FLSMIDTH

  • Member A.G.M.A

  • Member Trans-al

  • Member "avenir métallurgie"